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Good Distribution Practices and Buying Through Distributors

Recording from Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Discussed why chemical ingredient distributors are an essential segment of the supply chain - providing excipients to developers and manufacturers of drug products as well as providing additional security of the overall supply chain for drug products. Many excipient and drug product manufacturers do not fully understand the complexities and critical function of the excipient distributor. Excipient and drug product manufactures are obligated to fully understand the total supply chain, its complexities and potential limitations. This webinar is designed to facilitate the who, what, when, where, how and why of excipient distributors.

Learning Objective
> How distributors can help understand supply chain essentials
> Quality system certification expectations and realities
> Bridging product stewardship and managing the chain of custody between excipient suppliers and excipient users
> Expectations for distributors who repackage, blend or relabel the excipient
> What CoA and documentation provided, origin of information it contains and why material grade/product codes matter
> The ins and outs of distributor audits