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Recording: Best Practices for Communicating Nitrosamine Strategies Between Makers and Users

Nitrosamines and related compounds continue to be a hot topic among regulatory agencies globally.

Regulators are asking drug product manufacturers to identify products at risk of N-nitrosamine formation or contamination, which could impact the pharmaceutical industry supply chain.

This webinar has provided an update on regulatory expectations for assessing, testing and reporting of nitrosamines and/or their potential formation in drug products. In addition, the webinar will include best practice strategies and examples for ongoing communication between excipient suppliers and users.

Learning/Awareness Objectives
Attendees will be provided with:
> Background and overview of regulatory expectations relative to excipients, including a review of regulatory changes in the past 12 months
• Need for drug product manufacturers to complete testing for nitrosamines in their drug products based on risk assessment outcomes
> Discussion of additional support that may be requested from excipient suppliers, based on confirmatory test results
• Potential supplier response to user needs (based on IP, capabilities, competitive intelligence, etc.)
> Options for excipient users to use information obtained from their excipient supplier in the identification of products at risk of N-nitrosamine formation or contamination
• Tips for effective communications between excipient suppliers and users
• Feedback from users on what has worked well vs what has been a challenge
> Proposed best practices and strategies for ongoing communication between excipient suppliers and users
• information required for new excipients
• information needed when current excipient information changes

Who should attend?
> Excipient manufacturers, users, distributors
> Regulatory affairs
> Compendial affairs
> Quality affairs