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Recording: New Section - Best Practices for Communicating Excipient Sustainability Information to Excipient Users

Wednesday, April 5, 2023 - 9:00am to 10:30 am EST


Meera Raghuram – Director, Regulatory & Sustainability Strategy, Life Science Division of Lubrizol Corporation
Priscilla Zawislak – Global Regulatory Affairs Advocacy Manager, IFF
Dr. Iain Moore - Global Head of Quality Assurance, Croda Europe Ltd

The presenters discuss the recently published IPEC Excipient Information Package User Guide and Template, Part IV: Sustainability.

The IPEC Excipient Information Package (EIP) was developed as a means of efficiently communicating a significant amount of information about an excipient’s regulatory information (Part I), the excipient manufacturer’s quality management system (Part II) and the excipient manufacturer’s distribution and supply chain (Part III). The information provided facilitates the exchange of information and aids the excipient user in their qualification of the excipient manufacturer and the excipient product.

Part IV of the EIP focuses on sustainability matters relating to the excipient manufacturer and the excipient product. The information provided by the excipient manufacturer using Part IV of the EIP is generally expected to provide suitable and sufficient information related to sustainability policies and commitments made by the excipient manufacturer thus aiding the excipient users’ own commitments to sustainability.

Learning/Awareness Objectives
Learning objectives for this webinar include:
> Brief background and history of the IPEC Excipient Information Package User Guide and Templates, including Product Regulatory Datasheet (Part I), Site Quality Overview (Part II), Supply Chain and Security Overview (Part III) and Sustainability Overview (Part IV).
> Global view on topics related to sustainability and communication of sustainability initiatives across supply chains.
> The type of information that may be relevant to excipient users in a sustainability document.

Who should attend?
Personnel from excipient manufacturer, user and distributor regulatory, quality, R&D, formulation, purchasing, manufacturing and supply chain areas would benefit from attending this webinar.